Dirig Unveils WebSphere SAM

Nashua, N.H., applications and systems management solutions developer Dirig Software on Monday (March 12) announced the release of its Specific Application Manager (SAM) for IBM WebSphere Application Server, providing pre-configured management for one of the industry’s most widely used application servers.

The new SAM integrates into Dirig’s Fenway, xSPress and RelyENT management solutions to ensure ebusiness transaction completion and performance. It enables Dirig solutions to manage all critical components of an ebusiness infrastructure at the deepest levels possible.

Users in both pre-production testing and post-production environments can benefit from improved debugging of their WebSphere solutions for a faster time to market; enhanced load testing to identify component failure points and validation of bug fixes for on-time product acceptance. The WebSphere SAM brings users as close as possible to root-cause analysis for WebSphere components.

“Developers working on the WebSphere platform need leading-edge tools to ensure that new e-business applications run efficiently and deliver peak value to the customer,” said Mark Johnson, vice president of marketing and business development at Instantiations Inc., an Advanced IBM Business Partner. “With management solutions specifically configured for WebSphere, Dirig is giving developers the flexibility to drill down and test all the components critical to their ebusiness solutions.”

Through a set of pre-configured management rules, actions and policies, SAMs provide IT administrators with a solution to begin proactively managing their ebusiness solution in minutes, through a simple drag and drop distribution to the systems they wish to manage.

The WebSphere SAM addresses the complex issues of managing an application server through automated corrective actions, predefined thresholds and detailed statistics that help ensure today’s ebusiness sites that depend on application servers are always available and operating at peak performance.

“IBM not only created the term ‘ebusiness’, they continue to maintain that leadership role with products that are now the basis for a majority of Internet related business solutions. With WebSphere leading the application server market, it only makes sense to focus our early product development toward supporting it,” said Robert Hoyt, Dirig CEO. “When combined with our Fenway component management technology, this new SAM provides IBM, their partners and customers with a new level of management for their WebSphere ebusiness solutions.”

With Dirig’s technology, companies have out of the box capabilities to monitor and manage any server-based application. With a few simple rules, Dirig solutions are able to manage processes or services specific to a given application, as well as monitor any text-based log file or NT EventLog message. The technology also provides the ability to sample and monitor any NT Performance Counter (perfmon attribute) as well as integrate data points via the execution of a script, executable or library (.dll or .so). Dirig’s SAMs quickly allow a user to manage an application with minimal or no added configuration.

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