Docucorp Expands ASP Services

Docucorp International yesterday announced that it has expanded its ASP services to include the United States Postal Service’s FASTforward for Mailing List Correction technology. Dallas-based Docucorp specializes in acquiring, managing, personalizing and presenting enterprise information.

The FASTforward system, which Docucorp licenses from the United States Postal Service, contains several million permanent change-of-address (COA) records filed with the Postal Service by relocating customers who want their mail forwarded. Docucorp reports that this technology will allow its customers can save as much as $0.50 per piece of mail being forwarded.

“In the past, our clients would utilize this option through the post office, adding further time to the mail process. By providing this at the ASP center, our clients can now take advantage of it at a more cost-effective rate and in a more time-efficient manner,” said Kerry LeCrone, Docucorp’s senior vice president, ASP.

Implementing strict name and address matching logic, Docucorp said, the FASTforward technology is designed to let clients update their mailing lists electronically with their customers’ new addresses. Updated weekly, the FASTforward COA data reflects a 13-month period relative to the move-effective date the customer provided, according to Docucorp.

“With approximately 40 million change-of-address records being filed annually, the value is significant. Not only do our clients benefit from financial savings, but they also ensure the integrity of their data,” LeCrone said.

Docucorp operates ASP hosting centers in Atlanta and Dallas.

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