DSL.net Pick Up Tycho Networks

Digital Subscriber Line provider DSL.net Inc. Friday acquired Tycho Networks Inc.

Based in Santa Cruz, Calif., Tycho provides Internet access throughout the
central coast of California. DSL.net (DSLN)
paid approximately $2.1 million in cash for ISP.

David F. Struwas, DSL.net president and chief executive officer, said the
acquisition provides DSL.net with a key presence in the West Coast.

“Tycho’s emphasis on small and medium sized businesses fits perfectly into
DSL.net’s strategy,” Struwas said. “This acquisition gives us an immediate
presence in the California market and, most importantly, adds a great group
of people with exceptional Internet and engineering experience to the
DSL.net team.”

DSL.net is currently deploying equipment in central offices throughout
Tycho’s service area, which will allow it to offer enhanced Internet
services to Tycho’s customers.

As a result of the acquisition, DSL.net augments its Internet connectivity
by acquiring Tycho’s 94 private peering relationships at MAE West, PAIX,
and the Pacific Bell Network Access Point.

Based in New Haven, Conn., DSL.net is a data communications and Internet access provider using digital subscriber line technology to offer high-speed Internet access solutions to small businesses. As of September, the company had installed equipment capable of serving DSL access in 52 U.S. cities.

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