DSLnetworks Offers Partnership Program for ISPs

Tuesday introduced a new partnership program that allows Internet providers
to resell Digital Subscriber Line services from DSLnetworks under their own
brand name, without making infrastructure upgrades to their networks.

DSLnetworks is a leading provider of national DSL network access, broadband
Internet connectivity and remote access services. ISPs partnering with
DSLnetworks route their DLS traffic through DSLnetworks’ backbone. The
connection bypasses peering-point bottlenecks and attains true DSL
throughput speeds.

“Our ability to market wholesale DSL services to ISPs on a national scale
puts us on the crest of the DSL tidal wave, and we plan to stay there as
DSL continues to roll into new markets,” said Brad Connors, DSLnetworks’
president and chief executive officer.

“We built our business model around three main
ideas: DSL-exclusive, national coverage and a single point of contact. The
fact is, ISPs simply can’t find a faster, easier, more profitable way to
offer DSL than by delivering their customers a complete solution through

Developed by Bellcore in 1989, DSL technology utilizes the two-way capability of
analog to digital conversions via advanced transmission technology at the
subscribing point. DSL uses the frequency spectrum between 0khz and 2.2mhz
for data transmission over twisted-pair copper lines. Standard telephone
lines provide transmission of data at speeds of up to 9 megabits per second
downstream and up to 1.5 megabits per second upstream, depending upon line
length and loop conditions.

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