EarthLink Sells PeoplePC Through Circuit City

Strengthening an existing partnership, EarthLink will offer its PeoplePC Online discount
dial-up Internet service at 600 Circuit City stores in the United States.

“Demand for PeoplePC Online is accelerating as consumers increasingly realize they can get high quality, reliable access
from a value provider,” said Janet West, a PeoplePC vice president.

For about half the costs of some other narrowband services, PeoplePC Online offers 9,000 local dial-up numbers and
technology that automatically connects them to the highest quality line.

Although its parent, EarthLink, like other ISPs, believes broadband will ultimately be the source of its future revenues, it
doesn’t want to lose existing dial-up users who don’t require faster speeds at higher prices.

Based in San Francisco, PeoplePC Online reported adding approximately 78,000 subscribers in the second quarter,
bringing its total to 197,000 users.

“Adding PeoplePC Online expands our ISP selection to include a value-priced provider,” said John Rowe, Circuit City’s
director of new business development.

EarthLink recently announced a deal to sell its own brand of dial-up service through Circuit City though in-store disks (a la
AOL) as well as in-store signage in the PC area. It also offers accelerated dial-up (up to five times faster than standard
offerings) and broadband through Circuit City as well.

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