Ecos Technologies Buys West Coast ASP

The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency may be interested to learn that environmental application service provider Ecos Technologies, has acquired Semetric Development in a move designed to establish a West Coast presence for the Alley-based company.

As an ASP, Ecos provides environmental data and information management that help businesses navigate environmental regulations.

The undisclosed stock-for-stock transaction brings to Ecos a crucial database of supply side products, resources, market strategy and staff to Ecos, which recently launched to the tune of just over $1.5 million

Basically, Ecos said it would sell its newly acquired database of environmental statistics, supplied by California-based Semetric, to companies who need tools to manage a positive environmental profile. The application comes with a six-figure pricetag, the company said.

What’s so tasty about the database? It’s a compilation of information about regulatory compliance, resource efficiency, risk management, supply chain environmental management, product design, and overall strategic planning.

And the service couldn’t come at a better time.

Consumers, who still have the Ford Motor company Firestone tire recall debacle bouncing around in the back of their minds, are keeping a keen eye on company practices.

That’s why Nicholas Eisenberger, Ecos’ chairman and CEO, who is a former environmental attorney, says there is a ready market for his ASP’s services.

“Companies want to make sure their suppliers aren’t adding toxins to their component materials. They also want one centralized company to tell consumers what they did this year. We can provide that service.”

Ecos intends to enable companies to conveniently track information, such as the year to year pollution emissions from product suppliers. Clients can then justify their practices to consumers.

“If they (suppliers) emitted 10 units of pollution companies want to have someone who can track data to see how the suppliers did this year,” says Eisenberger.

“We suck in the data from public sources, the federal government, foreign sources and plant managers,” he added.

In the meantime, Eisenberger says he currently closing an undisclosed Series B round with a new group of yet unnamed investors.

Investors in the company’s Series A round included Carlin Ventures, and the company’s president, Bill Russell, who formerly worked at Price Waterhouse Coopers as the U.S. leader of global environmental practices. Ecos, which has 15 employees, said it would add another three employees from Semetric.

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