Elite.com Moves in on Red Gorilla Customers

Elite.com is offering 90 days of free usage of its Timesolv time and billing application to Red Gorilla customers who choose to convert to the Elite.com service by November 30, 2000.

“Using Red Gorilla’s free service, many customers have experienced some of the benefits of anytime, anywhere access to their time and billing application,” said Mark Goldin, president of Elite.com. “We believe that with our organization’s 17-year track record we can help Red Gorilla’s users make a secure and easy transition to a complete solution in which they can feel confident.”

Online time tracking and billing provider turned application syndicator Red Gorilla is rumored to have closed its doors earlier this month and is facing bankruptcy. Customers have been unable to access the site to retrieve their data for at least a week.

Up-and-coming ASP OfficeTool.com is in the process of working out an arrangement with Red Gorilla to get the website up and running as soon as possible, Andrew Garcia, OfficeTool.com director of product strategy, told ASP News on Thursday (Oct 19). “The details are being worked out now. We will be continuing the operations of the Red Gorilla website, and all customer data will remain intact,” he said.

Timesolv is a web-based time and billing application used by professional service firms from 1 to 50 employees, including consultants, freelancers, designers and law firms, and is priced at $9.95/month per user. The application is available via any web browser, as well as via wireless Palm web connections. Offline time entry is also offered for Palm and Windows-based devices. The company offers all new users a 30-day free trial period.

Elite.com, a subsidiary of Elite Information Group (NASDAQ: ELTE), provides Internet Business Services (IBS), such as time tracking and billing services to small professional service firms in the legal, accounting, engineering, management consulting and computer consulting markets. The company was established in Los Angeles in 1999, and its first service offering, Timesolv, was released in January 2000.

Elite Information Group has a 17-year history in practice and financial management systems for the professional service sector. Elite is currently used by nearly a thousand large professional service firms worldwide, including more than half of the 100 largest law firms in the United States. Elite.com has alliances with West Group, LEXIS Publishing, NetDocuments and Stagebuilder.

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