Ellison Chats Up Oracle At JavaOne

(Nasdaq: ORCL) Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison says he has just the facts and just the numbers.

“The fact,” he told developers (archived Keynote address) at the JavaOne developer’s conference in San Francisco Thursday, “is that we are not the only implementer of J2EE (a platform-independent, Java-centric environment developed by Sun Microsystems) but we are the best performing, best value for Java developers.

Pitching his two-week-old platform, the Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS), in front a crowd of about 15,000, Ellison admitted he had to make some major changes to make sure Oracle was J2EE compliant.

“We have literally thrown out all of our old Java stuff,” says Ellison, “because the Java you are using today may not be the one you use tomorrow. We had to build a J2EE compliant server to address the single biggest threat to Java, which is not Microsoft – it’s performance.”

Redwood Shores-based software giant says its new platform surpasses BEA and IBM in Java innovation and can run Java applications up to four times faster than the competition.

“I’m getting tired of IBM saying how expensive that Oracle is,” says Ellison. “And BEA’s claims that we are slow just aren’t true.”

The Oracle9iAS features a new lightweight J2EE engine that lets developers make and launch Internet applications faster than before.

Ellison pledged his continued support of Java-related products and open source technology.

“The best thing about an open platform is that you’re not locked in,” says Ellison.

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