EmailLabs Posts Record Growth

E-mail marketing automation provider EmailLabs today announced its seventh consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth, with last quarter’s revenues up 79 percent over the same period last year.

EmailLabs Q3 2003 profits increased 211 percent over Q3 2002, ending Sept. 30, 2002. Profit margins increased 39 percent over Q2 2003, a gain of 23 percent over the previous quarter.

Also in the third quarter, the company added several new clients to its roster, bringing the company’s total number of clients to 282 at the end of Q3, an increase of 75 percent over Q3 2002. The contract value of new accounts closed in Q3 2003 ranked as the second largest in the history of the company. For the month of September 2003 alone, the contract value of new accounts closed was the largest in the company’s history.

“Our results this quarter reflect our focus on intelligent growth strategies, combined with key enhancements to our core technology,” said David Sousa, CEO, EmailLabs. “During the quarter, we redoubled our efforts to ensure that the market recognizes the tremendous ROI for permission-based email marketing. Our success at doing so during a persistent recession is in part responsible for our seventh straight quarter of positive cash flow and double-digit revenue growth.”

EmailLabs during the quarter announced the open source availability of its application programming interface (API) to software/ASP companies and the end-user market. This will enable companies to take advantage of automated programming tools to develop and deploy new “EmailLabs-aware” applications more quickly and cost-effectively. The EmailLabs email marketing platform is provided as a Web-based service, and can be customized and integrated with a company’s Web site, sales force automation and CRM technologies.

Amid pending legislation nationally and in California banning unsolicited email, the company reaffirmed its zero tolerance policy on spam and urged the industry to embrace best practices for “trust-based email marketing” as a way of benefiting the industry — marketers, consumers and providers — as a whole. In that same vein, EmailLabs unveiled its Email Marketing Resource Center, offering articles, tips and tools designed to foster a best practices approach to email marketing.

On Monday, EmailLabs unveiled its new software platform at the DMA Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Fla. Major enhancements were made in three key areas: reporting, message/data management and account management.

Many of the changes came as a direct result of real world input from clients, Sousa said. “Collectively, these companies have sent literally hundreds of millions of messages and conducted thousands of campaigns. Through that experience, they have helped us refine the product — and in doing so, take it to a new level. Our application now has the tools to enable email marketers to take their campaigns to the next level as well.”

EmailLabs software now enables companies to receive more accurate campaign reports, generate subscription reports, view reports by the breakdown of email address domains, create demographic breakdown reports, produce campaign results reports, and build activity reports based on most active users.

“As the email marketing industry matures, clients are increasingly taking advantage of — and demanding — a greater level of reporting,” Sousa said. “Reporting is what sets email marketing apart.” With that in mind, EmailLabs is responding with feature enhancements that enable permission email marketers to improve segmentation, personalization, messaging and ROI.

“Email is the most powerful form of marketing in use today,” Sousa said. “Marketers are able to send a high volume of email cost-effectively, while simultaneously delivering highly targeted messages based on recipient preferences and past actions. We’ve created our next generation software in tandem with email marketers for email marketers, as a way of providing next generation tools that deliver on the promise of that power.”

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