Endymion Unveils Virtual Portals

Endymion Systems (ESI), an IT consultant company that specializes in building supply chain systems, Thursday says it is launching a portal designed with the construction and transportation sectors in mind.

The Oakland-based company’s new project is called “VIPs” or Virtual Integration Portals. The new practice allows companies to improve and speed up online functions, from e-procurement to collaborative management.

“The web is obviously a powerful and revolutionary technology for the distribution and presentation of information,” says ESI President Steve King. “In the last 10 years, smart product companies have shifted their investment into their brands and away from hard assets. Companies like Handspring and Cisco are classic examples of the dis-integrated business model, where there are no factories and no employees ever have any physical contact with the products.”

ESI currently designs and customizes portals using Java, XML and ASP as well as outsourcing technology from companies like Lightspeed Interactive, Epicentric and Plumtree.

“We build Inter- and Intranet Portals that enable the efficient management and immediate responsiveness required of a highly dis-integrated environment,” says King. “Outsourcing on a massive scale requires easily accessible information about supplier, contractor and customer behavior. Portals allow rapid and continuous improvements in business processes throughout the entire value chain, from e-procurement to collaborative management.”

ESI says its choice to target the construction and transportation sectors came after its success with building cargo shiping company Matson‘s site including updating 30-year-old COBOL/CICS/DB2 files.

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