evolutionB, Siemens S.A. and Interbel Software Ink ASP Platform Deal

ASP platform provider evolutionB, application host Siemens S.A. and Interbel Software announced Tuesday (Dec 5) a partnership to offer evolutionB’s Synergy and SynergyNow application frameworks to telecommunication companies, ISPs, mobile operators and corporate enterprises.

Under the agreement, Siemens S.A. will license Synergy and SynergyNow, evolutionB’s extensible platform, which includes ASP Client Management Server, document manager, project manager, contact directory, scheduler, email, discussion forum, notice board, to-do list, resource tracker, and the SynergyNow ADK (Application Development Kit) that allows for rapid customization and development of vertical and wireless-enabled applications.

In an effort to reduce steep internal network operation costs, businesses of all sizes are turning to ASPs for assistance in deploying and managing their mission-critical applications. Siemens S.A. was an early adopter of the wireless application model and prepared for the changes that would be taking place in the market by helping companies move their business to the web. Siemens S.A. provide customers with access to mission critical data with the use of handheld, wireless accessible applications like Synergy.

“Siemens Mobile Information and Communication is well-established in networks, mobile Internet solutions and terminals,” said Olalla Hernandez, Center of Competence Leader, Mobile Internet Solutions for Siemens S.A. “We entered the market with a vision of ‘innovating the mobile world,’ and our alliance with Interbel Software and evolutionB is a big step toward making this a reality.”

Synergy facilitates the management, handling and exchange of an enterprise’s information. This alliance enables Siemens S.A. to broaden its spectrum of application services and deliver multi-tiered Intranet/SME Business Platform applications. It also addresses the global nature of Siemens S.A.’s application hosting clients, given SynergyNow’s ability to operate simultaneously in English, Japanese, German, French and Spanish, with plans for Chinese, Dutch, Korean and Italian, Hernandez said.

SynergyNow is specifically built for ASP operators delivering application services to the SME marketplace. SynergyNow is designed to enable businesses to take full advantage of Internet and wireless devices to drive cost efficiency with true global mobility.

“evolutionB is dedicated to developing and partnering with the leading Java and Cold Fusion developers worldwide to produce applications, which provide high value solutions for SMEs in combination with leading hosting technology partners. Clearly the combination of technology and experience from evolutionB and Siemens S.A. will provide reliable and highly valued client service,” said Akio Tanaka, president and chief technology officer of evolutionB Corporation.

The partnership also provides an opportunity to test Synergy and SynergyNow, as well as new Intranet applications, with the latest technologies of GPRS and UMTS Siemens platform. “Under this agreement, we will be able to test all new applications that integrate with Synergy, like Interbel’s upcoming Sales Automation tool, with the latest mobile technology,” said Roman Martin, president of Interbel Software. “This will position us a year ahead of our competitors and allows us to find out what new Internet solutions customers may demand in the future.”

Interbel Software is a leading company in Spain, Portugal and Latin America that provides value-added solutions and software to small to medium-sized companies, as well as to multinationals, telecom operators and ISP/ASPs. Interbel Software’s strong R&D division continuously develops new applications for evolutionB’s SynergyNow ASP platform, which provides high-value solutions to business users. Currently, it has a Sales Automation Tool available, and a Training On-line application will be released in t

he near future.

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