[email protected] Lays Off 380 More

Following last Monday’s changing of the guard and a renewed commitment to its core broadband franchise, [email protected] Corp. Monday reportedly slashed 380 jobs, about 13 percent of its workforce.

According to an internal memo posted to DotComScoop.com, later confirmed by the company, jobs will be cut from all the company’s business units, with certain units “impacted more heavily.”

Many of the layoffs are expected to come from the company’s media operations — including the Excite portal and Bluemountain.com — as the company shifts its focus away from the shaky media properties to its core cable broadband offering. On April 17, the company said it would seek the sale or restructuring of those parts of its media operations which don’t directly support its broadband strategy.

Patti S. Hart, the new chief executive officer and chairman of [email protected], was brought on last week with a mandate to strengthen the company’s broadband position and streamline its media operations.

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