Exodus Adds Infrastructure Servces

Exodus Communications,
, is betting customers will prove the truth of the adage, “it takes money to
make money.”

Exodus added two new value-added services to its
portfolio yesterday in its continued move from plain old web
hosting to become an infrastructure service provider for enterprise and e-business
web sites.

It partnered with Cacheflow, Inc.to launch its
web server acceleration service, and with StorageNetworks, Inc
to launch managed utility storage services.

Exodus said the Cacheflow content
accelerators will reduce page load times by 50-80 percent, getting ecommerce
customers where they need to go sooner: the checkout aisle.

Greg Govatos, CacheFlow director of marketing, said that while
contractually the deal isn’t exclusive, the nature of the deal precludes
other vendor’s from incorporating their caching servers.

“CacheFlow specializes its products to each application it is used in,”
Govatos said. “The CacheFlow servers Exodus will be using are customized
for server-side caching. Also, we are in the process of training their
sales and service teams to familiarize them with the servers. After the
training, Exodus staff will be able to have the web accelerators up and
running in 72 hours.”

The StorageNetworks-powered Exodus storage services offer robust primary data storage, tape backup and restore, as well as high availability and business continuity solutions. The aim is to help customers better manage their data storage assets and ensure that storage capacity is available on demand as storage needs increase.

Charter customer for the storage solution is Peoplesoft’s in-house ASP division, eCenter, which already hosts its servers at Exodus. “We selected Exodus’ premier Internet hosting services and StorageNetworks enterprise-class data storage services because StorageNetworks and Exodus would provide us with fast, flexible, and reliable services, which in turn could be passed on to our customers,” said Deepak Gupta, Peoplesoft SVP and eCenter general manager.

“As our customers’ online businesses continue to grow rapidly and service
more visitors and transactions, performance and scalability are key
strategic issues,” said Ellen Hancock, Exodus chairman and CEO.
“Teaming with technology leaders like
CacheFlow and StorageNetworks is an important component of our strategy to continually deliver
business-critical value-added services to our customers.”

Like getting your combo meal super-sized at McDonald’s, Exodus customers
setting up their web sites will find the Cacheflow
web acceleration service is available to order as
part of the package.

The accelerator will reside within the customer’s virtual data center
space, with site traffic redirected through it from the router or Layer-4
switch. With the accelerator taking care of up to 95 percent of the web
page’s content, it frees the CPU to look up database queries.

Brian NeSmith, CacheFlow president and chief executive officer, said his
company’s servers are scalable to match the success of any company’s web site.

“We are excited to bring to Exodus’ customers the same business and
technical benefits we’ve been delivering to our enterprise and e-business
customers,” NeSmith said. “With the explosion of content and traffic on
the web, sites are grappling with how to build a high-performing, scalable
infrastructure that can meet current and future demands. Together, our
technology and Exodus’ extensive services expertise form an innovative,
high-value solution for customers.”

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