FatPipe Helps Little Guys Go Faster

FatPipe Networks is making it easier to go fast. With the release of FatPipe Xtreme, small to medium businesses (SMB) and branch offices of larger businesses can get a fast internet connection for less by bundling multiple DSL, ISDN, T1, T3 or wireless connections and utilizing the aggregate speed of those lines.

Xtreme is a router-clustering product with redundant and failover recoverability options for internet and frame relay access. It utilizes FatPipe’s patent-pending RAIL technology, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Lines, to bond up to 3 T3, T1, DSL, ISDN or wireless routers. Xtreme works over multiple ISPs, POPs and backbones to increase reliability, redundancy and connection speed of Wide Area Network (WAN) connections.

Xtreme is the brainchild of FatPipe’s Sanchaita Datta, VP engineering. “Reliability is a big issue, but internet connections do go down — not for lack of trying,” she told ASP News. “It helps to have a reliable and redundant connection.”

FatPipe is targeting SMB customers, enterprise branch offices and government and education end users, Harshad Varia, SVP marketing, told ASP News. Since it can bundle different types of connections, companies with a T1 line can add a DSL or ISDN line to boost speed and provide a backup connection. To reach those customers, FatPipe is also working closely with ISPs, T1 and DSL providers and VPN vendors. “We’re close to announcing some big industry partnerships,” he said.

Xtreme also offers web-based management tools where an administrator can set user access rights, monitor network performance and usage.

FatPipe is a premier member of the Citrix Business Alliance, a coalition of companies spanning the technology spectrum that work closely with Citrix to broaden the scope and effectiveness of server-based enterprise computing solutions.

“One of the key issues in network-based computing today is the growing demand by users to maintain reliable and redundant WAN connectivity,” said Bruce Cabral, director of alliances for Citrix. “The availability of FatPipe’s Xtreme technology will provide Citrix enterprise a reliable and redundant WAN connection for their remote computing needs.”

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