For T & E Reports Imaging Is Everything

No one likes to deal with receipts and other scrapes of paper that pile up when completing an expense report — the employee, the department manager and accounts payable can all do without the stapling, unstapling, losing, finding and so on. There may be a way to literally send the problem away.

Concur Technologies Inc. , a Redmond, Wash.-based ASP and indepedent software vendor (ISV) that provides corporate expense management software and services, today announced a hosted service that integrates receipt and invoice imaging with its expense management solution.

The Concur Imaging Service, which is hosted and managed by Concur, is designed to help companies reduce the costs of handling paper receipts and invoices. According to the company, its secure environment lets customers use the Internet to capture, store, archive and retrieve images through Concur Expense and Concur Payment software.

It works like this: Employees fax receipts and invoices to their designated Concur Imaging Service telephone number. Employees, managers and accounting staff can then view receipts and invoices directly through Concur Expense and Concur Payment.

Concur says that electronic images reduce the total cost associated with expense report and invoice processing because there is no postage, no need to store paper receipts in a central location and no need to physically handle the paper receipts associated with expense reporting.

Receipts and supporting documentation are available online throughout the entire expense approval process. according to Concur. Imaging technology, Concur says, is an acceptable alternative to paper under IRS guidelines and regulations.

“According to our estimates, a customer that generates 120,000 expense reports per year will save approximately $3 per expense report processed through our imaging service, representing a per annum savings of $360,000,” said Michael Hilton, chief technology officer for Concur.

“Receipt and invoice imaging complements our approach to helping organizations streamline necessary but time-consuming processes,” Hilton said. “By leveraging Concur’s hosting capabilities, our customers are assured that their receipts and invoices will always be available anytime and anywhere.”

Concur is listed as a Top 20 Provider by ASPnews.

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