Front Porch, Nomadix Deliver Broadband to ISPs

Dial-up, broadband and wireless solutions provider Front Porch Communications Inc. Wednesday partnered with Nomadix Inc. to provide high-speed Internet access and subscriber management services for Internet service providers.

The partnership allows ISPs to tap into new revenue streams based on broadband Internet services.

As a part of the deal, Front Porch combines its PorchLight content management and messaging services technology with Nomadix’s Universal Subscriber Gateway. The technology tandem allows broadband plug-and-play network access and service selection on demand.

Nomadix designs, manufactures and distributes a new class of dedicated network devices that allow broadband ISPs to offer plug-and-play access to their networks and service selection on demand.

Founded in 1998 by Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, Nomadix’s USG products are based on open standards and do not require any client side software or modification to the customer’s computer.

Dan Toomey, Nomadix chief executive officer, said Front Porch is the perfect partner to distribute its gateway services.

“We are excited about this partnership and our opportunities as a distributor for Front Porch’s PorchLight services.” Toomey said.

Toomey added that the partnership would help independent ISPs join the broadband revolution.

“Our combined technologies provide broadband ISPs with powerful new tools to generate additional revenue streams that add significantly to the provider’s bottom line,” Toomey said.

Zachary Britton, Front Porch chief executive officer, concurred that ISPs would benefit by adding broadband service offerings through Front Porch.

“Service providers can now broaden their offerings to reach more users and increase revenue with custom services for subscribers, advertisers, and content providers,” Britton said.

Britton added that the key to the partnership is the companys ability to provide subscribers access to high-speed Internet services using any device, without re-configuration.

The service portfolio includes customized content and proactive service messages without client-side software modifications to existing systems.

Front Porch received a $5 million investment from QUALCOMM earlier this month. The financial infusion allows Front Port to continue its service extension into the wireless arena, as well as open two new facilities located in San Diego and Walnut Creek, Calif.

Front Porch has partnered with more than 100 ISPs on five continents to provide value-added Internet services and hardware or software solutions for dial-up, broadband, and wireless networks.

Established in 1998, Front Porch’s flagship PorchLight technology and services enable ISPs to deliver customized content and service messages to subscribers, generate revenue through targeted Internet advertising, and channel subscribers to pre-determined Web sites.

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