Frontera Gives SMBs Disaster Relief

Helping small and mid-sized businesses to protect their data and applications against disasters and outages, Frontera Corp., the Los Angeles, Calif.-based enterprise Application Service Provider (ASP), today announced its new suite of Business Continuity Services (BCS).

Frontera says the BCS are designed to protect information and provide redundancy for Web sites and applications, supply hot, warm or cold site recovery and minimize downtime for firms when upgrading/migrating to new applications and platforms.

“Any organization running mission-critical applications, whether via the Web or on an Intranet, should be extremely concerned about business interruption,” says Frontera CEO Tim Cahill.

“A serious crisis has the potential to devastate the operations of any enterprise — even those that do not rely solely on the Web for commerce and transaction processing,” Cahill adds.

Darrall Lem, Frontera’s vice president of Managed Services, explained that while the threat of attacks and disruption is of greater concern to IT executives in recent weeks, the company’s new Business Continuity Services go beyond offering traditional disaster recovery services.

Lem explains that the services are not just limited to safeguarding data center loss but offers protection against deliberate cyber attacks. He says that organizations must ensure uninterrupted operations during critical upgrades, or manage overflows and spikes.

“Our experience at managing and deploying applications and custom solutions on a wide variety of platforms means we already have the staff and infrastructure in place to help companies develop a contingency plan to address virtually any situation,” Lem adds.

Cahill emphasizes that the company’s new Business Continuity Services are designed with each client’s unique needs in mind.

“There is no one ‘canned’ solution that fits every need,” Cahill explains. “But our Business Continuity Services, offered via our ASP model, provides a fail-safe, customized plan that ensures core business systems stability and availability.”

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