Geac Declares its ASP Strategy

Long-time established ERP vendor Geac Computer Limited today announced its move in the direction of the ASP arena with the launch of Pyramaz.

One of the last ERP vendors to declare an ASP strategy, Geac launched Pyramaz, an ASP specializing in ERP e-business infrastructure solutions and other e-businesses services. Steve Shine, formerly president of Geac Enterprise Solutions, was named president of Pyramaz.

Pyramaz will offer ASP services that cover all of Geac’s ERP e-business infrastructure solutions including Millennium, E-Series, Smartstream and System 21. Pyramaz is also positioned to expand to include all future Geac ERP solutions added as a result of Geac’s ERP consolidation strategy and will be offered as an option to all of Geac’s more than 10,000 ERP customers.

Shine believes users of Geac ERP systems users will look to Pyramaz solutions for various reasons.

“ASP services can help reduce the total cost of ownership through common infrastructure services,” he said. “Additionally, migration from in-house Geac ERP solutions to Pyramaz is conversion free and requires no retraining of end users. Pyramaz also allows for integration-free use of new and evolving e-business solutions offered by Geac and third-party organizations such as Pyramaz.”

Shine pointed out that the complimentary solutions come already integrated into the Geac ERP offerings through Geac’s active Architecture framework.

In related news, Pyramaz e-Purchase is now available. E-Purchase provides full-service Web procurement solutions including access to a host of digital catalog services.

Additional fully integrated e-business solutions for Pyramaz will be released shortly, according to the company.

Douglas Bergeron, president and chief executive officer, Geac, sees this as an extension to Geac’s corporate strategy.

“We are actively welcoming third-party providers of complimentary eCRM and other e-business applications to make their offerings available on Pyramaz,” he said.

According to Bergeron, its ERP customer base is growing and its customers want to further leverage their working ERP investment through rapid integration to new e-business offerings.

“ERP applications represent the irreplaceable framework on which all e-business applications must reside and Pyramaz offers the most cost-effective vehicle for our customers to rapidly enjoy the benefits of the innovations.”

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