Globix to Host eMeta’s DRM Suite

Digital asset management software provider eMeta Corp. on Tuesday announced that Globix will host eMeta’s newly launched eRightsWEB, a hosted version of its eRights Suite of content protection and commercialization products.

Both eRightsWEB and the eRights Suite enable companies to market and sell digital content offerings, such as articles, video, movies, streaming audio and more, while reducing time-to-market, streamlining costs and increasing revenue.

“The Northeast’s recent power outage is an important reminder of the need for purpose-built data centers with redundant systems, strong physical security, backup power and other support systems,” said Jonathan Lewin, CEO of eMeta Corp. “Our Globix systems stayed online with no downtime throughout the outage.”

The major components of the eRights Suite are RightAccess and RightCommerce. RightAccess focuses on securing the content, making sure customers are identified and allowed access only to content or products they’ve previously purchased. RightCommerce handles the billing and payment part of things. It can support many business models including subscriptions, pay-per-view, pay-per-click, gifts, free trials, micropayments, promotions and special offers.

The original eRights Suite is targeted toward larger publishers like current eMeta customers New York Times, McGraw Hill, iVillage, Thomson Financial, and Standard & Poors. The cost can range from $250,000 to $600,000 for the eRights Suite. The newly launched hosted version, eRightsWEB, has a lower cost of entry, which eMeta hopes will appeal to companies who are building online businesses, whether they be smaller publishers or big publishers with a smaller web presence. eRightsWEB starts with a $10,000 flat fee, and then takes 10 percent of all transactions processed by the system.

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