GMC Holding Corp. Takes 50 Percent Stake in LiveCapsule

GMC Holding Corp. plans to acquire up to a 50 percent interest in LiveCapsule, Inc., an Annapolis, Md.-based data management Web services technology company, for $7 million and 500,000 shares of GMC. Using the new firm’s technology, businesses can enable their website content with LiveCapsule technology, creating individual content containing rich information about a product or other content.

Each LiveCapsule represents a discreet, tranceivable, portable information package that can be acquired from a participating website and placed by users on their personal desktop environment. For the user, this application provides a means for organizing diverse data acquired from one or more websites into a single, accessible management system. For the data owner, it provides a link for tracking the distribution of that data and a dynamic system for forwarding supplemental information or updates to the original data in real time.

“LiveCapsule technology has broad appeal across many industries and disciplines,” said Stuart Cooper, chairman of GHCM. “This new technology has the power to transform e-business with its consumer-initiated collaborative data management functionality.”

Through the licensing of LiveCapsule software technology, businesses can build custom LiveCapsules for Web site visitors to access, download, and share; manage the content in real time; and control their LiveCapsule universe that is in circulation among users.

“For the first time, website users can choose to initiate a live, dynamic link with businesses by placing rich, manageable data capsules on their personal desktop environments,” said William H. Carpenter, Jr., co-founder and chairman of LiveCapsule. “This ability to engage in active, two-way communication between website user and content publisher may well become a standard web services building block in the near future as industries discover the universal appeal of this new form of online communication.”

LiveCapsule plans to first release its retail solution that will allow retail websites to be LiveCapsule enabled, allowing shoppers to capture individual product “LiveCapsules.” Enabled products will be identified as LiveCapsules and users will be prompted to save the information to their desktops for future consideration. Retailers can then send real time product update information, including price changes, product coordinates or other relevant data to the LiveCapsule for the user’s viewing.

LiveCapsule technology requires no additional downloaded software, and avoids all user privacy issues as the LiveCapsule’s destination (user’s computer information) is never stored or revealed.

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