Google Personalization Out of The Gate

UPDATED: Google flipped the switch on Google Personalized Search on Thursday, turning it on for all users when they create a new Google account.

Personalized Search learns from a searcher’s previous queries and clicks, attempting to improve results by guessing at ambiguities.

For example, if someone searches for “diamond” and clicks on Neil Diamond’s fan site, a future search query will be answered with pages related to the singer at the top.

The function also stores an individual’s search history, available via a link at the top of the Google search screen. Those who don’t want their Google use tracked can either sign out for a search session or go the “My Account” page and turn it off.

Google added to the release the ability to create bookmarks and add searchable labels and notes to items in their search histories. They can flag single pages or entire Web sites so that they’ll never again appear in search results.

Personalized Search is live in 39 domains and in 12 languages, Google said.

With the launch of the service and resulting changes in Google’s front page, the search giant took the opportunity of inserting a small text ad for Google Mini, its enterprise search appliance.

Corrected based on new information provided by Google. Earlier mention of this being a official release and not a beta was incorrect.

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