GraphOn Unveils GO-Global XP

GraphOn Corp. (Nasdaq:GOJO) Wednesday announced availability of GO-Global XP, their latest web-enabling software for Windows applications.

GO-Global XP provides faster-than-ever performance and the lowest-ever bandwidth requirement to run full-featured Windows applications over the Internet, LANs, WANs or dial-up connections on any PC, Mac, Java device or browser as though they were running locally, according to GraphOn.

“GraphOn is dedicated to helping companies and ISVs move through these challenging economic times by providing technology that lowers operation costs by leveraging the Internet to deliver familiar productivity applications unaltered to users across and beyond the enterprise,” said Robin Ford, GraphOn executive VP. “Our GO-Global software helps companies curtail unnecessary hardware upgrades, centralize their application management, and make the best use of their IT labor by eliminating tedious, unnecessary tasks like client-side installation.”

GO-Global XP is a scalable, enterprise-class technology that leverages the power of the server to virtually eliminate any load on the desktop or display device. GraphOn’s GO-Global XP replaces Bridges for Windows and is marketed worldwide to independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprise customers.

By including GO-Global with their applications, ISVs no longer need to re-architect their software and can speed time to market with web applications that can be accessed using a native solution or a web browser/Java applet solution for the widest assortment of client display devices and browsers.

GraphOn provides ISVs with an OEM licensing and branding kit that lets ISVs apply their own brand to GraphOn’s GO-Global XP to create an all-in-one-box web-enabled version of their existing 32-bit Windows applications.

“GraphOn’s GO-Global software web-enabled our Sys*Admiral enterprise job scheduling software virtually overnight,” said Derek Evan, Tidal Software’s chief technologist. “Our customers typically are Fortune 500s that are running NT, Windows 2000, OS/390, numerous flavors of UNIX, SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle applications, as well as network management tools like HP Openview and NetIQ. Using GraphOn’s GO-Global helped us give our customers the most cost-effective way to interact with our job scheduling software.”

ISVs are concerned about the cost of re-engineering their Windows applications to make them web-enabled. They are also concerned about application performance over low bandwidth connections and supporting many different client devices, according to Dan Kusnetzky, VP system software, IDC.

“Virtual User Interface Software, such as GraphOn’s GO-Global XP, can make it possible for ISVs to obtain the results they want without re-engineering their applications. ISVs facing this challenge would be well advised to consider this software,” he said.

New Features in GO-Global XP

  • FASTER SPEED, LOWER BANDWIDTH: GO-Global XP makes efficient use of resources for enterprise-class scalability and optimum out-of-the-box application performance and coverage over any connection.
  • CENTRALIZED LICENSING: GO-Global XP uses industry standard licensing for easy integration into existing enterprise infrastructures.
  • WEB-BASED INSTALLER: The GO-Global client (desktop or display device component) can be distributed automatically and installed over the web from a centralized server, providing increased scalability and further maximizing IT resources.
  • LOCAL FILE ACCESS: GO-Global XP provides full access to local files, allowing for easy data exchange between client and server.
  • LOCAL PRINTING ACCESS: GO-Global XP provides access to network and local printers.
  • CONVENIENT LOOSE WINDOWS DISPLAY: GraphOn’s GO-Global XP supports loose windows on most clients, allowing easy toggling between local applications and web enabled applications.
  • CLIPBOARD INTEGRATION: Regardless of the client, GO-Global XP allows full clipboard integration between local applications and applications being published using GO-Global.
  • SMART PROTOCOL: GO-Global XP allows detection of connection rates and dynamic tuning to achieve the best performance over a LAN, WAN, or dial-up connection.

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