GTE Internetworking Service Offers Advanced Network Security

GTE Internetworking introduced this week
an expanded version of its Site Patrol Internet security product that is
compatible with any ISP network.

Site Patrol 4 enables companies to acquire advanced network security in
addition to that offered by their Internet Service Provider. The service
monitors a customer’s network, providing alerts of potential problems and
diagnostics for resolving the problem once detected, whether the company is
served by GTE or a non-GTE ISP.

The expanded service supports multiple firewalls, including Trusted
Information Systems’ (TIS) Gauntlet and CheckPoint’s Firewall-1; provides
24-hour network monitoring; and runs on the Sun Ultra platform.

In addition, the company announced support for V-ONE’s SmartGate product, a
Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that provides secure access for
remote users using encryption technologies.

Site Patrol 4 service is available immediately for $2750 per month,
including a one-time installation fee of $5000. Site Patrol International
is $3750 per month, with a one-time installation fee of $7500.

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