GTE Sets Overseas Targets

Hoping to become a global leader in Internet services, GTE Internetworking Tuesday announced plans to expand its offerings to Europe, South America and the Pacific Rim.

The company plans to link its existing high-speed fiber network with other high-speed international networks to create an expanded distribution channel.

Over the past year, GTE has acquired fiber that spans the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and has established new access points and hosting centers to connect the United States to Europe, South America and the Pacific. It has also established multiple public and private peering arrangements to ensure high-quality data transfer between GTE’s backbone and other ISP networks.

Paul R. Gudonis, GTE Internetworking’s president, said the expansion will position the company as a premier single-source communications provider.

“More and more businesses are looking for one company that can deliver the solutions for all of their telecommunications and Internet needs,” he said.

GTE will sell both dedicated and dial-up access to businesses and also plans to offer wholesale service to other ISPs. The company also offers a range of Web hosting and e-commerce solutions.

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