@Home Simplifies Installation

Cable Internet provider @Home Network Wednesday launched version 1.6 of its client software which is designed to make installation of the service faster and easier.

The latest version adds support for the Universal Serial Bus. Most new PCs contain USB ports that allow users to easily add peripherals to their system. USB also supports faster PC-to-device connectivity which in the case of @Home means an Ethernet card will not have to be installed to take advantage of the service.

During installation, @Home’s software automatically detects a USB-ready PC. Market research firm Dataquest recently forecast the number of USB-enabled PCs will be more than 5 million by 2001. Most PCs built in the past year come with USB slots.

Dean Gilbert, @Home’s senior vice president and general manager, said the advancements enable @Home to rapidly speed installations, reduce installation costs and enable cable Internet services to enter the retail and original equipment manufacturer markets.

“We’ve made a big step toward simplifying the @Home installation process. Combined with CableLabs recently announced certification of cable modems for retail sale, @Home’s new client software will help to drive down the costs of cable Internet services for consumers as well as the cable industry…,” he said.

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