How Does Your Site Play in Peoria?

Loudcloud Inc., a leading software infrastructure services provider, today (Dec 18) announced the debut of its Global Response Smart Cloud service, powered by Keynote (Nasdaq:KEYN). The Global Response Smart Cloud service is designed to allow Loudcloud customers to measure and compare the response-time performance of their websites and their competitors’ websites from up to 50 metropolitan areas around the world.

“Understanding the customer response experience is critical knowledge to deliver overall website performance, especially for customers with the potential for traffic surges such as e-tailers entering the holiday season” said Loudcloud CEO Ben Horowitz. “By entering into this partnership with Keynote, we can provide customers with access to a set of global metrics that identify problems before they result in poor end user experiences.”

For companies that depend on the Internet, slow loading web pages can mean that potential customers, and their revenue, go elsewhere. End users tend to abandon an e-tailing transaction or desert slow-loading content rather than wait for a page to load. By allowing companies to measure how long it takes for their pages to load under a variety of network conditions and geographic locations, Loudcloud customers can proactively change site design or content to improve overall site performance, helping to maintain a positive end user experience.

Loudcloud’s Global Response Smart Cloud offers two services — Keynote Perspective and Consumer Perspective. Keynote Perspective measures website performance for those end users accessing a site from high bandwidth connections, such as a T1 connection. This service is ideal for Loudcloud customers who want to understand website performance for those end users accessing their sites from a work environment. The Consumer Perspective measures performance for end users accessing sites from dial-up, cable modems or DSL connections, allowing companies to measure performance for end users accessing sites from a typical home connection.

The new Global Response Smart Cloud service is based on Keynote technology which measures and diagnoses real-time response experienced by end users on any publicly accessible website. The service provides comprehensive reporting and automatic notification based on network location, geographic location and user-defined thresholds of performance.

These reports and alerts are integrated with Loudcloud’s interactive customer portal, myLoudcloud, allowing users quick and anytime access to Keynote’s performance data. They are also integrated into Loudcloud’s Network Operations Center, the technical hub of all activity on a customer’s site, enhancing the quality of customer support.

“Loudcloud’s Global Response Smart Cloud Service is a great way to determine that our response times are matching our expectations,” says John Zepecki, VP Development of SkillsVillage, a leading skills procurement solution for human capital management and a Loudcloud customer. “From a sales perspective, having Keynote metrics as an independent audit of our performance has been extremely valuable. Also, this partnership means that we have one less vendor relationship to manage, which is a significant benefit to our operations.”

Loudcloud Inc. was formed in September 1999 by some of the Internet’s early entrepreneurs, including Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen and former Netscape/AOL executives Ben Horowitz, Tim Howes and In Sik Rhee. Loudcloud’s Smart Cloud services offer businesses a new class of Internet infrastructure services required to provision, deploy, maintain and scale Internet operations. These Smart Cloud services utilize Loudcloud’s proprietary Opsware automation technology to deliver scalability and reliability for a broad base of customers.

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