IBM Adds Support for 3 More Vendors to Security Console

IBM this week announced its Tivoli Risk Manager now supports security tools from three additional vendors: Network Associates, Inc., NFR Security, Inc. and Secure Computing Corp.

Tivoli Risk Manager is a centralized security console that accepts and correlates alerts from multiple attached security tools, including anti-virus software, intrusion detection systems and firewalls. Correlating alerts from multiple point products is intended to help administrators more easily diagnose security problems, identifying trends and groups of alerts that together indicate a serious threat.

Network Associates is integrating its McAfee Security Active Virus Defense product suite, which includes products for desktops, email servers, Internet gateways, Web and file servers. From a central Tivoli Risk Manager console, administrators will be able to issue virus signature updates and receive alerts from all these products.

NFR is tying its NFR Intrusion Detection system into Risk Manager, enabling administrators to monitor, correlate and analyze the alerts it generates. Secure Computing is likewise integrating its Sidewinder firewall and VPN gateway with Risk Manager.

A number of other vendors offer central security consoles similar to Risk Manager, most notably e-Security, Inc., a Naples, Fla. company whose business is centered on the security console idea. e-Security touts the real-time nature of its product and its ability to integrate with any security product.

Other players include Computer Associates, although its offering is essentially a suite of its own products, and OpenService, Inc., a start-up in Westborough, Mass.

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