IBM and Citrix Team to Push ASP Market Forward

Leading technology player IBM last week announced an agreement with ASP software provider Citrix Systems, Inc. that is expected to act as a catalyst in the growth of the ASP industry.

IBM and Citrix Systems Inc. will offer software developers a fast way to make existing applications ready for server-based hosting in ASP data centers and will provide them with resources and experience needed to take advantage of the ASP Market.

“Our focus is on helping partners be successful,” IBM market development manager Ann Reiten said. “ISVs want to offer an ASP option. What we’re doing with Citrix is helping them get there fast.”

The program includes help in marketing and channel development as well as technology support, she added

The venture will establish Citrix ISV competencies as a key offering within IBM’s ASP Prime Solution Center facilities worldwide. The centers will be able to teach developers how to quickly enable existing two-tier client/server applications for server-based ASP hosting and Internet delivery using Citrix MetaFrame application server software and NFuse application portal technology. CitrixNFuse allows applications running on a Citrix MetaFrame server to be “published” onto a Web page and accessed through a standard browser.

“We believe that IBM does a great job when it comes to the hardware, software and services expertise required in building enterprise class data centers,” David Ziskind, director of strategy, Citrix iBusiness, said. “And as our ASP offerings expand to meet service level agreements and the rapidly increasing demands of the customers, ASPs will need enterprise class data centers to handle the B2B trading partner supply chain environment.”

According to Ziskind, IBM ASP Prime Solution Centers will create a flow of ISV applications backed by new and existing channles that will create significant new business opportunities for Citrix and IBM ASP partners. “IBM and Citrix will evaluate other offerings aimed at increasing adoption of application hosting, developing and promoting ASP standards, and providing a migration strategy for three-tier applications using Citrix and IBM technology,” he said.

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