IBM Forms New Group To Focus on ISP Applications

IBM Corp. Tuesday formed a new business unit that will develop and market new products for Internet service providers. The company also unveiled the group’s first new initiative, dubbed the IBM Business Partner Program for ISPs.

The program is designed to help ISPs deploy advanced applications and enter new markets by gaining access to technology, education, electronic commerce experts and business development tools. ISPs will be able to enroll in the program next month. IBM will also detail the program next month at ISPCON ’99 in Baltimore.

Jim Corgel, general manager of IBM’s ISP industry unit, said its goal is to bring ISPs the best in technology research and electronic commerce solutions.

“IBM’s industry-leading research matched with our industry-leading solutions and experience are a combination no other vendor can match,” he said.

The program will team ISPs with IBM’s network of resellers, independent software vendors, application development partners, consultants and system integrators. The ISP program is paterned after similar business partner programs designed to reward companies who have long-term relationships with IBM.

IBM recently launched the International Center for Advanced Internet Research, in conjunction with with Northwestern University. The center will focus on the commercial deployment of advanced Internet applications. ISPs will be among the businesses that stand to gain faster access to advanced applications thanks to the center.

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