IBM Gets A Jump On Web Services

Strengthening its position in the provision of open standards for the competitive Web Services market IBM Corp., today announced that its application server WebSphere and its database software DB2 have become certified as Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3-compliant.

In complying with J2EE, the industry standard for building Java applications and new technologies for deploying Web services, IBM is furthering its ability to help customers integrate applications and business processes and take advantage of Web services, which allow applications to work together better over the Internet.

J2EE 1.3 simplifies integration with new technologies for Web services, such as Java Messaging Service (which improves how applications create, send, receive and read messages); increased integration with XML; and standardized integration of CORBA and Java applications, used for increasing developer productivity and the reuse of computing assets.

“J2EE 1.3 offers new integration technologies that are fundamental to the adoption of Web services,” said Scott Hebner, Director of Marketing, IBM WebSphere. “IBM is proud to deliver the first J2EE 1.3-compliant application server and database technology because it will allow customers to even better exploit the powerful capabilities of our products.”

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