IBM Steps Up Lotus, Java Integration

Kicking off Lotusphere 2002, IBM’s annual Lotusphere developer’s conference taking place in Orlando, Fla., Al Zollar, General Manager, Lotus Software, IBM Software Group, today announced the firm’s plans to further embrace the call for open standards through adapting its e-mail, messaging and collaboration technology to conform to Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Sun Microsystems’ Java software specification.

Zollar says the move will take Lotus to the next level of collaboration.

“Our core competency has always been using innovative technology to help people to collaborate, learn and take fuller advantage of their collective knowledge, across organizational and geographic boundaries,” said Zollar.

“Lotus has been promoting collaboration for fifteen years, and it’s gratifying to see how the importance of collaboration has moved to center stage. Judging by what our customers tell me, we’re delivering on our promise, and we’re moving on to an even more rewarding phase we call ‘unleashing collaboration,'” he added.

In the past year, IBM has been integrating Lotus software into Web services applications, building on its tradition of using open Internet standards which allows for product interoperability.

Zoller explained that this further standardization on J2EE to make Lotus software available as a service, will help customers, developers, business partners and IT professionals to achieve the goal of ultimate integration.

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