IDT Introduces Voice, Data Co-Location Facility

International Discount Telecommunications
Friday launched its first co-location facility at its
headquarters in Hackensack, N.J.

Aside from traditional co-location features, IDT also allows businesses to
co-locate voice servers alongside data servers. IDT currently co-locates
for their subsidiary, Net2Phone. Internet
telephony gateways at the facility allow IDT to support both voice and fax over IP services.

“IDT is pleased to offer our customers the benefits of our new high-tech
facility,” said Howard Jonas, IDT’s chief executive officer and founder.

“Our co-location site will give companies the opportunity to establish a
high speed presence in the Northeast without the hassle and expense of
setting up an office. Our highly trained technical staff and cutting edge
technology will be working round the clock to ensure that our customers are
fully supported.”

IDT’s co-location offerings enable companies to outsource management and
day-to-day operations of their Web communications. Co-location at IDT means
that web site administrators can place equipment to access IDT’s secure
Tier-1 backbone node. The facility provides companies with turnkey
solutions including 24/7 monitoring and hourly network status reports

The company has created many opportunities from niche marketing in
telecommunications services. IDT recently announced its intention to focus
on growing telecom opportunities brought about by the continuing
deregulation in the international telecommunications industry.

As part of this strategy, the company plans to expand its overseas
telecommunications network and switching infrastructure. IDT has already
received full operating licenses in the United Kingdom, where the company
has already established a facilities-based network.

The reciprocal routing specialist maintains agreements with top-tier
carriers such as MCI WorldCom,
Cable & Wireless Communications, Qwest Communications, and Frontier Communications to focus on
optimizing call traffic to niche markets in South America, the Caribbean,
and the Far East.

IDT recently utilized the company’s calling card marketing and distribution
expertise to launch a pre-paid Spanish Internet service in the US.

IDT is an emerging multinational carrier that combines its experience as an international telecommunications operator, an Internet service provider and IP telephony resources to provide a variety of telecommunications services to customers worldwide.

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