“Stocks” New ASP Suite

When AT&T, IBM and Lotus announced this week that the three companies will jointly market an ASP Enablement Suite, a new Web hosting solution for the ASP market, Chicago-based iemagine smiled with joy: the new collaboration expanded their partnership and provided a new avenue to market their rentable webware solutions.

The Chicago start up has been trying to stir the pot with its “Redefining what it means to be an ASP” idea and the ASP Enablement Suite made the soup all the more tasty.

“As a leading developer of Web-rentable business applications, the ASP Enablement Suite is the perfect complement to our Rent & Ready! Instant Webware Suite,” said Bob Curry, Director of Technology for iemagine, a Chicago-based independent software vendor (ISV) serving the ASP community. “The combined solutions of IBM, Lotus and AT&T enable iemagine to satisfy the business needs of our customers and expand our market reach exponentially.”

iemagine enables professional associations, web portal sites, independent software vendors (ISVs), ISPs and others to become ASPs as quickly as creating a link on their websites, thereby creating new ways for revenue, boosting customer loyalty and satisfying market demand.

iemagine’s ready-rent-webware critical business functions include: AuctionPool, TeamPurchase, TeamSurvey, TeamComment, TeamWarranty, TeamQuota, TeamResolve and TeamHR.

The ASP Enablement Suite combines a secure Web hosting infrastructure, server hardware and applications deployment software to meet the needs ASPs and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors

Specific Elements in the ASP Enablement Suite are:

— AT&T’s Web hosting services supported by AT&T’s state-of-the-art Internet Data Centers and OC-192 IP backbone, network and bandwidth management, hardware and operating system management, database management, storage services, high availability data and computing services, managed security and firewall services.

— IBM eServer xSeries, a premier line of scalable industry-standard servers that enable enterprises to confidently run their e-business solutions, as well as help ASP’s deploy e-business applications and infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively;

— Lotus ASP Solution Pack software, a comprehensive hosting platform, paired with a core set of integrated “ready-to-rent” applications that allow ASPs to maintain multiple, independent copies of the same application, for several companies or communities, securely on the same server.

With the ASP Enablement Suite and iemagine’s ready-rent-webware, prospective ASPs can quickly jump into what Dataquest projects will be a $25 billion market by 2004, as easily as adding a link to their homepage.

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