If You Build It (For Them), They Will Come

No matter how easy service providers make it for small businesses to build their own a Web presence, some companies would rather let someone else handle the construction. To tap that market, Web site building platform provider Trellix today announced a “do it for me” service through an agreement with Millennium Care, a customer care and technical support provider.

The Concord, Mass.-based Trellix has made its mark providing its private-label Web Express service to companies such as Interland and Interliant, who in turn resell the site building service to their customers.

Under terms of today’s agreement with Toronto-based Millennium Care, Trellix will help its service provider customers extend their reach by providing assisted site building capabilities for small businesses that want a Web site or e-commerce storefornt built for them. In addition to expanding the market, Trellix said the new hands-on service promises high-margin returns.

Research firm IDC predicts that the market for small business Web services will reach $9 billion by 2003. Trellix cites further IDC research that shows that while two-thirds of small businesses will opt to build a Web site themselves, the remaining third will look for hands-on help from a third-party.

According to Trellix, once the site is created using the Trellix/Millennium Care solution, it’s easy for the small business to maintain the site themselves. However, for those who prefer a complete hands-off approach, Trellix/Millennium Care will offer consulting services.

“Assisted site building not only enhances our existing suite of Internet services for small businesses, but also
provides our private-label partners an expanded offering that delivers significant revenue per customer,” said Don Bulens, Trellix CEO.

The Trellix platform also includes Web services from partners Miva (e-commerce), TimeTrade (scheduling and resource management) and Roving (email marketing).

First to roll out the new service is Namezero, a domain registration, hosting and management services provider for small businesses and consumers.

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