Infinium’s Generation NeXt

Infinium Software , the Hyannis, Mass.-based ASP, today announced the launch of the next generation of its Web solutions.

Infinium says its new offerings aim to provide organizations with Internet access to business processes. They can be integrated with industry-specific solutions, and can accommodate to organizational change.

The firm’s multi-tier architected products leverage WebSphere, HTTP Server/Apache, XML, DHTML, Java and SSL technologies, which it says allows for integration and cross-constituency collaboration.

“Infinium Web solutions don’t require the constant attention of our IT staff, and didn’t require a long, expensive implementation,” said Kristi Michaelson, Manager of IT at PeaceHealth, a Pacific Northwest healthcare provider that operates six hospitals.

“Infinium’s Web solutions allow us to leverage the knowledge and skills of our existing technical staff, yet offers a cutting-edge solution to our end users. Infinium Web solutions were easy to use, integrate and customize,” she adds.

Using the latest in Internet technologies, Infinium says the benefits of its Web solutions are:

  • Anywhere, anytime access. Users can deploy the Web solutions outside of an organization’s firewall.
  • Reduced costs. Infinium desktop solutions require zero-maintenance to benefit organizations with a dispersed workforce, and lower installation and upgrade costs.
  • Increased productivity. With the solutions’ familiar browser user interface, users can also choose to work with the new Web interfaces or the traditional interfaces, without multiple code bases.
  • Customization and integration features. XML architecture allows users to customize design and makes it easy to individualize displays and create links to Web resources, other applications and interfaces.
  • In-context, dynamic end-user assistance. Infinium Web solutions’ embedded help features are designed to walk users through the steps to integrate applications into each screen. They provide a self-paced tutorial to acclimate users to the new Web interface.

    “Infinium Web solutions are built on industry expertise and incorporate leading technologies,” said Jeff Wilgis, Infinium Technology and Integration Product Manager.

    “Our customers and prospects see the value in exploiting the Web to improve the efficiencies of what they are doing today.”

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