Inovaware Launches Enhanced Billing Platform

Inovaware Corp., a Honolulu, Hawaii-based application infrastructure provider (AIP) which develops Web-based billing and customer care software, Wednesday announced the release of an enhanced Software Development Kit (SDK) and new interfaces for its PRISM platform.

Inovaware says the move comes as the emergence of new communication services such as location-based services, wireless content and online gaming is forcing service providers to find new ways to price their offerings beyond traditional parameters.

PRISM, already supports a variety of usage metrics such as time, bandwidth, disk space, etc. The enhanced PRISM SDK accelerates support of new and custom usage parameters. For usage import, it will permit customers and systems integrators to rapidly create usage import modules on their own.

With the release of its new Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and XML-based API, Inovaware says it is striving to ensure that PRISM can more effectively integrate with various legacy applications and in-house systems.

The new API is designed to alleviate integration headaches and allow customers to
leverage their investment in other applications by exposing PRISM’s business logic within a SOAP/XML framework.

“Our overriding goal at Inovaware is to increase the effectiveness and delivery of our products so that our customers can save time and money while gaining a higher degree of flexibility,” says Bruce Kim, CTO at Inovaware.

“The enhanced usage SDK and new SOAP/XML interfaces will do just that. Customers and SIs will be able to implement changes within PRISM more quickly and more easily than ever before, and fully benefit from smoother integration of our software solutions with their legacy applications,” he explains.

Inovaware Corp. provides advanced billing and customer management software to ISPs, ASPs, broadband services and content providers. The firm has over 300 clients worldwide.

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