INT Media Group Embraces ASP.Net

INT Media Group, Inc., today announced the launch of a new trade show – .Net Developer Conference & Expo, as the first focused trade show for professionals looking to build, develop or maintain dynamic Web sites and Web applications and services on the Microsoft .Net platform.

“ASP.Net, is a revolutionary new programming framework that enables the rapid development of powerful Web applications and services, is set for explosive growth,” says Alan M. Meckler, Chairman and CEO of INT Media Group.

“This innovative technology provides the easiest way to build, deploy and run distributed Web applications and has vast untapped potential in the enterprise business sector. One can find parts of .Net technology covered by various IT events across the USA, but nowhere can one find a single event that is 100 percent focused on this dynamic business technology,” he explains.

INT Media says the .Net Developer Conference & Expo is designed for both the experienced ASP programmer looking to keep up with the newest capabilities of ASP.Net, and as for newcomers to this architecture who need an introduction to the technology.

Hosted by,, and, .Net Developer Conference & Expo will take place March 25-26, 2002 at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, Calif.

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