Intacct’s Managed Inventory Solution Targets SMBs

Intacct Corp., the Los Gatos, Calif-based provider of online professional accounting solutions, Monday released a web-based inventory management solution and integrated online accounting system developed specifically for small-to-midsize enterprises.

The new Inventory Management Suite includes online Order Entry, Inventory Control, and Purchase Order applications and is designed to give enterprises such as distributors, industrial suppliers, parts retailers, and warehouses a completely Internet-based system to manage and monitor finished goods inventories.

Intacct says the new products enable distributors and wholesalers to synchronize their order processing, inventory control, and purchase order processes within its integrated online accounting system.

Intacct explains that data entered into the Inventory Management Suite applications is automatically propagated to Intacct’s General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable applications, so that all accounting and financial data within the system is always current.

Previously, automated inventory management solutions were available only through low-end offerings with limited functionality that required the repeated entry of data into multiple software programs, and in costly or proprietary client/server applications and enterprise systems.

“The Inventory Management Suite promises to introduce tremendous efficiencies into the small and midsize distribution and wholesale environment,” explains Intacct CEO David C. Thomas.

“For the first time, these small and midsize enterprises will have access to the order entry, inventory control, and purchase order capabilities that characterize the accounting systems of very large enterprises,” he says.

Intacct customers can subscribe to the Order Entry, Inventory Control, and Purchase Order applications within the Inventory Management Suite as a complete package or as stand-alone solutions.

“The addition of this sophisticated Inventory Management Suite truly differentiates it functionally from low-end or entry-level accounting products,” says Antoine Guillaud, president of Chicago-based International Management Solutions, a customer of Intacct that specializes in remote financial and business management.

“I can use Intacct’s new integrated capabilities to expand the number of clients that I can serve and the types of services I can offer.”

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