Intelliun’s Passport Control

The newly formed Intelliun Venture Fund is now able to show its philanthropic endeavors are not in vain, as yesterday immigration-processing ASP MyH1B, announced it has secured a Series A investment from the fund to be used for building its web-based software.

MyH1B, which offers a web-based environment for employers to prepare, validate, and track H1B visa applications, will use Intelliun’s cornerstone technology, The Virtual Enterprise (VE), and professional services in the hopes of offering a more economical, efficient and consistent alternative to engaging immigration attorneys.

“Partnering with Intelliun will help us get to market much quicker and with a more flexible solution,” says Nidal Naji, MyH1B’s Vice President of Business Development, who argues that the impact of the September 11 tragedy on hiring foreign employees will be greater.

He says the aid of an electronic and automated solution will help apply more stringent screening processes by the INS and keep costs down for employers.

James Lancaster, Intelliun’s Vice President of Business Development and Manager of the Company’s Venture Fund says: “We’re very excited about the MyH1B investment and the opportunity to help enhance the immigration process for hiring foreign workers.”

He argues that because the global economy requires the talents of workers from all over the world, it makes even more sense that MyH1B can help pave the way for rigorous immigration laws without taxing our way of life.

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