InteQ Keeps Watch Over Vigil

Online business intelligence service provider Vigil Technologies Inc. announced that is has turned to Management Service Provider (MSP) InteQ Corp. to monitor its Exodus-hosted infrastructure.

“Vigil was hosting at Exodus because it was looking for the robust hosting services they offered. When they found they needed to add on more complex monitoring services, Exodus referred them to us,” Stephen Elliot, InteQ’s E-Services leader, told InternetNews.

InteQ is able to monitor a customer’s infrastructure in its corporate datacenter or co-located in a commercial datacenter like Exodus.

Vigil is using InteQ’s InfraWatch service to monitor its systems. InfraWatch enables Vigil to maintain maximum uptime, reduce false alarms, generate performance reports for capacity planning and growth decisions, and ensure the integrity of its delivery network.

Vigil’s e-Sense service gathers Internet intelligence on a 24×7 basis – dynamically locating and retrieving information for each client based on their specific interests and topics, including competitor, product and industry information. It then delivers relevant content directly to such customers as Oracle, Boeing and PricewaterhouseCoopers to help them stay ahead in their markets.

Customers can also access the information stored in personalized databases maintained by Vigil for easy retrieval and analysis. Downtime therefore, can cost these companies their competitive advantage as well as potential revenue.

“It’s very much a speed-centric business,” Elliot said of Vigil. “They have a service that can’t go down – it would kill their business.”

The previous IT monitoring system employed by Vigil couldn’t scale to meet Vigil’s quickly expanding Web infrastructure. InteQ’s subscription services team worked with Vigil to customize InfraWatch to meet Vigil’s specific IT monitoring, management and reporting needs. Just as air traffic controllers use sophisticated computers to prevent tragedies, InfraWatch prevents system crashes and keeps Vigil’s Internet infrastructure running at peak performance.

“We used to get rousted out of bed at 2 a.m. with false alarms. Other times, we weren’t notified of outages,” said Warren Corriveau, hosting manager at Vigil. “InfraWatch is great at catching problems before they become huge headaches. It has given me peace of mind so that I’m not constantly worrying if the other shoe is going to drop.”

InfraWatch also generates performance reports that Vigil’s executives can use to make critical decisions about capacity planning and growth to ensure the Web infrastructure meets growing demand. “The reporting has thrilled the executive staff. They’re getting numbers I would never have had time to get and present to them,” said Corriveau. “That information gives us an idea of what systems, down to the application and network interface, are giving us the most problems.”

To ensure customer satisfaction, InfraWatch gives Vigil a customer’s view of the delivery architecture by periodically querying the database via the Internet. If these queries encounter delays, InteQ will use InfraWatch to determine where the problem is and notify Vigil so it can ensure its customers don’t experience delays.

“This whole game is going to come down to who can have the best relationship with the customer, who can understand their needs,” Elliot said. “It’s one thing to provide a service that works and have great technology. It’s another thing to be able to understand a customer’s needs and work with them to satisfy them.”

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