InteQ Offers New Managed Apps

Helping to relieve the burden faced by many IT managers when addressing monitoring requirements of infrastructure-hungry applications, InteQ Corp. has introduced new application monitoring and management capabilities for its InfraWatch managed service.

InteQ says that companies in a range of industries can now use InfraWatch to monitor infrastructure-wide applications such as SAP, Baan, PeopleSoft and Oracle Financials, and at the same time deliver peak performance.

This complete view of the application and its supporting infrastructure increases corporate efficiency, reduces IT operations costs, improves service levels and ensures the company receives a return on its IT investment.

Arguing that many applications, in particular enterprise resource planning (ERP), are demanding on IT infrastructures, InteQ says InfraWatch’s application monitoring capabilities can simplify ERP management by providing automated monitoring, notification and reporting, and flexibility to customer’s specific ERP requirements.

InteQ says a manufacturing company, for instance, trying to ship out a product to meet production deadlines, may not be able to do so if its order management application performs sluggishly or is unavailable. InfraWatch automatically detects, notifies, correlates and diagnoses problems, helping the firm to avoid financial losses.

Roger Smith, director of information systems at electronics manufacturing services company, Manufacturers’ Services Ltd. (MSL) says the company relies on Baan to help keep on top of order management, production and distribution: “When you’re making hundreds of products across several manufacturing sites for many customers, it is critical that you have very detailed information about your ERP system’s performance to ensure it is operating optimally,” he says.

Yash Shah, InteQ’s co-founder, president and chief technology officer argues that InfraWatch’s new capabilities are designed to help companies maintain vital service level agreements by ensuring their applications deliver peak performance without costly service interruption: “These new capabilities remove the uncertainty that typically envelops complex application monitoring and management,” she says.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Bedford, Mass., InteQ is a provider of IT infrastructure management services, working with customers like Bose, Verilytics and Computerworld. InteQ is also a founding member of the MSP Association.

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