InteQ Teaches Best Practices

Management Service Provider (MSP) InteQ Corp. announced this week that its IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices training course became the first Web-based foundation course in IT Service Management to receive accreditation from the Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB).

InteQ now offers the course to customers of its InfraServices IT monitoring, management and reporting platform, but it was originally developed for internal use, David Nichols, director, ITSM product management at InteQ, told InternetNews. “We knew very early on that if we wanted to provide the best managed services, we had to have implemented ITSM best practices. It’s not just about the technology – it’s technology, processes and people, put all together.”

ISEB recognized InteQ’s Web-based course for the guidance it provides on industry-accepted best practices for effectively managing today’s complex IT environments. This accreditation means that InteQ is providing enterprises with the most current standards to ensure their IT infrastructures deliver optimal performance in such areas as service level, availability and capacity management.

The ITSM Best Practices Online course covers 10 proven processes of the widely adopted IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices framework. This framework guides IT professionals in the planning, development, delivery and support of IT services. The ITSM framework is based on ITIL, which has become a worldwide standard consisting of over 40 books that focus on business effectiveness in the use of IT.

“ITIL has emerged as a process standard used to differentiate IT organizations and Management Service Providers who are serious about processes, serving a similar capacity as ISO 9002 certification,” said Corey Ferengul, senior analyst at the META Group. “We are seeing increased adoption of ITIL. Service providers that build ITIL best practices into their services stand a much greater chance of meeting the needs of today’s efficiency-conscious enterprises.”

By adopting the best practices covered in the online course, customers can use InteQ’s managed services more effectively. “Some people buy a network management tool thinking the processes will just spring up, but that’s not the case,” Nichols said. “Once they implement the processes they learn in the course, they can leverage the investment they’ve made in InteQ’s services. They learn how to use the data, how to respond to the events we report on.”

Successful completion of ITSM Best Practices Online prepares users for the examination leading to the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. Typical classroom courses for this certification last three days. ITSM Best Practices Online saves time and resources by allowing IT professionals to take the course on their own time without the related travel and accommodation costs.

ISEB is a part of the British Computer Society that provides industry-recognized qualifications that measure competence, ability and performance in many areas of Information Systems, with the aim of raising industry standards, promoting career development and providing competitive edge for employers. Courses leading to ISEB qualifications are available via accredited training providers, who are monitored to ensure that standards are maintained.

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