Interwoven Takes Web Publishing to the People

Enterprise content management (ECM) vendor Interwoven
has released a new WYSIWYG tool for Web page creation, which officials say takes publishing out of the hands of IT and puts it into the hands of

Now, instead of going to IT staff to make any changes to a Web
page, individual business units can make changes to the site without
violating standards set by the company.

To do this, Interwoven developers created the LiveSite Content Publishing
Server, a publishing platform developers filled with components created by IT staff that can be dragged and dropped onto a page, whether the content is dynamic or static.

Kevin Cochrane, Interwoven vice president of Web content management products
and solutions, said Web site changes through the IT department can result in
costs reaching into the tens of thousands at an organization, but with
LiveSite, that cost is small.

“It’s essentially PowerPoint for the Web; if your business manager can
create a sales presentation for a new product they want to put to market,
they can just as easily go into our WYSIWYG editor and create a brand-new
Web site promoting that product online,” he said. “If you can do PowerPoint,
you can do LiveSite.”

What’s more, he said, IT staffers are telling Interwoven they want more than
just updates that manage Web content; they want software that takes them out
of the business of Web publishing altogether.

LiveSite Publisher is a recent add-on to Interwoven’s Web content
management product line, similar to its Forms Publisher product. The
software integrates with Interwoven’s back-end database and content
management server to incorporate dynamic content, complete
with its own preview and runtime databases.

Interwoven LiveSite
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Source: Interwoven

Interwoven also released an add-on to its intranet content management
offering this week. Like the LiveSite publisher for Internet-based publishing, LiveSite
for intranets allows for easy site design and modification.

The LiveSite intranet solution includes
pre-built templates that can be used to maintain company guidelines or a
consistent look-and-feel throughout various departments in the

“The intranets are the wild, wild West and everyone tends to just throw up
some static, stale Web site using whatever technology happens to be at their
disposal,” Cochrane said. “LiveSite is an ideal solution for the intranet
because what IT can do is say, ‘out of the thousands of intranet sites that
we have, there’s really nine basic types of sites out there,’ and IT can
templatize those sites and then provision the rights to the business to
create any number of intranet sites.”

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