Intira Tightens Security

AXENT Technologies Inc., a leading provider of e-business security solutions, and Intira Corporation Tuesday (Dec 12) announced that AXENT’s Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) and Intruder Alert security offerings are being added to Intira’s Netsourcing platform.

“Today’s companies needing to implement mission-critical e-business applications and requiring high levels of availability and data protection are faced with challenges such as rapidly evolving IT and security architectures, fast time-to-market pressures, and scarce skilled technical resources,” said John Steensen, vice president and chief technology officer, Intira Corporation. “Intira’s Netsourcing solutions help companies meet those challenges with a comprehensive, integrated security solution.”

Intira’s Netsourcing solutions provide the outsourced IT/network infrastructure and related resources to run, monitor and manage mission-critical e-business applications with maximum availability.

ESM is a scalable security compliance and host-based vulnerability assessment solution. It is the first and only solution to protect against the ten most critical Internet security threats identified by the FBI, Department of Justice and SANS Institute. ESM enables Intira to track changes and security settings in critical files, enabling Intira to quickly respond and rectify any potential threats. The product scales across Intira’s multiple data centers, centrally managing security policies across numerous systems, and providing fully automated security reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

With Intruder Alert, Intira is able to continuously watch critical system traffic in real time for patterns of misuse or abuse. Should an unauthorized intrusion occur, Intruder Alert enables Intira to prevent or correct a problem immediately.

“AXENT’s ESM and Intruder Alert security offerings help round out Intira’s security services, which are integral to the Netsourcing environment,” said Brad Hutchins, senior director of security, Intira Corporation. “In addition to our firewall, network intrusion detection and virtual private network security services already in place, ESM and Intruder Alert provide the enhanced ability to see policy changes and violations at the host level, which network-based security devices may miss.”

AXENT Technologies Inc. provides e-security solutions that maximize its customers’ business advantage. AXENT delivers integrated products and expert services to assess, protect, enable and manage business processes and information assets, as well as to facilitate Trust Level Management within its customers’ environments. Through its Lifecycle Security Methodology, combined with Smart Security Architecture, AXENT delivers trusted e-security for customers. AXENT recently entered into a definitive merger agreement with Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC).

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