iSpheres Has Meta Applications for Enterprises

iSpheres Corp., an infrastructure “software framework” developer for enterprise level applications, announced its first product and first customer this week. The company, founded in 1998 says its iSpheres MetaApp Framework is based on 10 years of development by Dr. Mani Chandy, iSphere’s Chief Scientist, an expert in distributed computing, and IEEE Fellow.

Supply chain software management provider i2 Technologies has signed a license to use the iSpheres framework as the core infrastructure platform for its Discovery Knowledge Manager product which provides real-time e-procurement decision support to global companies and large, B2B exchanges.

The MetaApp Framework is designed to help companies build a new class of Web-based applications iSpheres calls meta applications. These meta applications can leverage existing applications, Web services and documents from across an enterprise so that organizations can detect and automate responses to critical business events. The iSpheres MetaApp Framework leverages standard Java IDEs, and the resultant meta applications can be deployed on J2EEE compliant application servers.

“Businesses need to detect actionable events like a delay in filling inventory,” said Santosh Alexander, CEO of iSpheres. “Over the past several years, corporations have invested in solutions that automate business processes across organizational boundaries. Meta applications represent the next phase in the evolution by providing enterprises with a flexible layer of visibility and control over these integration and optimization processes.”

Available directly from iSpheres, licenses for the MetaApp Framework start at $200,000.

“Meta applications and applications frameworks such as the one iSpheres is bringing to market, will be a major asset to companies that are trying to develop adaptive applications that give them competitive advantages of faster time to market, increased revenue opportunities and reduced operating costs,” said Joshua Greenbaum, principal with Enterprise Applications Consulting in Daly City, Calif.

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