Jamcracker’s Telco Alliance

Jamcracker, Inc., the Cupertino, Calif-based enterprise web services company, and Canadian telecommunications firm, Telus, today announced a strategic channel partnership that will enable Telus to become Canada’s first telco to deliver a web-enabled IT and business services.

Using ‘Telus Central’, a privately branded version of the Jamcracker Enterprise delivery platform, Telus will offer its customers web-related services, including IT services such as backup, web conferencing, remote access, VPN, and business services like sales force automation, professional services automation, HR, and Financial Management.

“Telus is focused on broadening our product offering, and this offering helps us to not only deliver substantial incremental value to our customers but also build a deeper, closer relationship with them,” says Garry Rasmussen, president and CEO, Telus Enterprise Solutions.

Samir Bodas, vice president of strategic alliances for Jamcracker says he is pleased to have Telus on board as a strategic partner. Telus is not only Jamcracker’s first Telco customer, but also its first enterprise platform customer since the firm announced in July it would also focus on offering its own platform and not just aggregating other peoples’.

“We are committed to helping them quickly and cost-effectively enter the web services market. With this partnership, both our companies have raised the bar in what it takes for telcos to fully leverage their existing assets and increasing ROI,” says Bodas.

Jamcracker has been in talks with Telus since June, 2001 and the Telus Central platform, which is currently live, was released in 50 days says Bodas. Using Telus Central, Telus gains access to:

— Jamcracker IT Management Platform, the XML-based web services delivery platform that delivers integrated web-services, support, and content.

— Jamcracker Applications Catalog, a portfolio of web-based IT and business application services, including: IT Services to provide critical functionality required to keep users productive, including Connectivity, Security and Collaboration and Business Services for implementation of Enterprise Resource Management and, Customer Relationship Management

— Jamcracker Support Services, including deployment, operations and 24×7 support services through a single point of contact.

— Ability to integrate incremental Web-enabled Applications specifically targeted at verticals, and geo-centric solutions.

— Jamcracker sales, marketing, service delivery, and integration training and materials to deliver the solution to its customers.

Looking forward, Bodas says while Jamcracker will continue to look for new customers in its primary, direct line of business, it will also work with partners, such as telcos that are looking for web-enabled services and can utilize Jamcracker’s enterprise platform.

In the next few weeks, Jamcracker plans to announce several new customers for its IT Management Platform and details confirming the firm’s recent acquisition of $20 million venture capital commitments.

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