jeTech Data Systems Changes Name to

Enterprise solutions provider for labor resource planning jeTech Data Systems, Inc. (Camarillo, Calif.) today announced its name change to

Taken from the 16-year-old firm’s new suite, the new name reflects the company’s broad emphasis on labor resource planning solutions as well as its recent decision to complement its licensed installations with an e-business initiative using an Application Service Provider model.

“Our new name instantly conveys the nature of our business, gives us a strong brand identity, and signals our leadership in the labor resource planning arena by coining a term that is synonymous with the product category,” Michael Edell, President and chief executive officer said. “The ‘e’ segment is only one side of our business, but this will reinforce our position as the market leader because it allows us to reach beyond our traditional Fortune 1000 customer base to bring our automated labor management tools to smaller companies.”

Under the jeTECH name, the company has installed its LRP systems in hundreds of major corporations since 1983. More than 400,000 employees at companies such as The Hertz Corporation, Southwest Airlines, Mead Corporation and Toyota are using the firm’s solutions for time, attendance, contract labor and other payroll-related reporting functions, thereby streamlining procedures, minimizing errors and reducing administrative overhead.

Using the company’s new Application Service Provider model, these same functions can be accessed over the Internet for a monthly fee. All hardware, software, maintenance and upgrades are handled by from a central location, eliminating the need for customers to make large capital expenditures, undergo lengthy deployment periods, dedicate IT staff and pay ongoing maintenance expenses for a large in-house infrastructure.

While major corporations may still prefer a physical installation, the new Web-based subscription service makes sophisticated labor management systems affordable to companies in the middle market for the first time. Combined with lower administrative costs, the estimated savings for a company with as few as 1,000 employees will be as much as $1 million in the first year.

The expected savings, near-instant implementation, administrative advantages and immediate return on investment have generated high interest since’s Internet outsourcing strategy was announced in August. The service is currently being rolled out to two locations, with more in the pipeline.

Built from the ground up for the Internet, the suite currently consists of eLabor Time, the labor management component with functions ranging from personnel scheduling and business rules processing to accrual and accumulator tracking; eLabor Attendance, a solution for recording employee absences and tardiness using both the Web and phone; and eLabor Contractor, a service that automates all processes involved in managing a large labor force of contracted employees such as temporary staff, contract labor and consultants from multiple vendors. The system exchanges data with most payroll and human resource systems, including ADP, SAP, PeopleSoft and Dun & Bradstreet.

The company has comparable client/server solutions sold under the names Enterprise Labor, and Enterprise Project.

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