Juno, New.net in Alternative TLD Deal

The alternative domain name gambit from the recently launched New.net outfit has received a thumbs-up from New York-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) Juno Online Services.

New.net, a start-up that launched last May by incubator idealab! to challenge the existing system for regulating URLs, has signed an agreement with Juno to promote the alternative domain names to its 14 million subscribers.

The Pasadena, Calif.-based New.net has built technology to allow access to 20 domain name extensions, including .shop, .mp3, .inc, .kids, .sports, .family, .tech and .xxx.

New.net has built software that allows partner ISPs to provide access to the alternative Web addresses. Individual users can also download a plug-in that enables a browser to recognize the new addresses. To provide access to the TLDs, New.net has set up its own network that parallels the root servers that handle existing .com, .net and .org extensions.

The deal with Juno potentially allows New.net to offer the new TLDs to some 40 million Web users. The company has already signed similar deals with EarthLink, [email protected] and NetZero.

Juno, which is working on migrating free ISP subscribers to the pay-per-surf model, said it was supporting New.net plans to expand the range of Web addresses on the Internet.

Juno CEO Charles Ardai said, “New.net is expanding the breadth of the Internet by making new domain extensions readily available. Juno is pleased to be one of the first companies to help pave the way for acceptance.”

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