Keynote Systems Delivers Perspective 2.0

Keynote Systems unveiled this week new performance diagnostics, including connection failure tracking, backbone performance comparisons, and centralized performance alarms in its upgraded diagnostic service, Perspective 2.0.

Keynote said corporate customers can now track and manage the critical factors affecting overall site performance for users in multiple cities worldwide, including Web page download times by users’ metropolitan areas and their backbones, and details about connection failures and other errors that prevent successful page downloads.

Keynote said it also improved the usability and performance of its viewing
and analysis software and created three new tiered service plans in response
to customer demand.

Keynote’s international network of automated measurement agents allows the
company to measure performance and track connection failures by instrumenting
the Internet at 51 strategic onramp locations around the world.

Using this measurement infrastructure, the company’s Perspective service is designed to measure Web page download times as well as track and graph 21 different Web site connection errors including DNS lookup failures, connection time-outs and connection refusals.

Armed with this information, Keynote said companies can take active steps to correct problems at the server or at Internet peering points and onramps that prevent users from successfully accessing their Web sites.

Connection failure reports are displayed in both graphical and tabular
formats, showing when and where errors occur, how many occur, the percentage
of each, and the details of the failures from each metropolitan area covered
and each time period. Keynote Perspective customers can also compare the
performance and failure profiles of their own Web sites to those of their
specific competitors.

A new centralized alarm service at the company’s operations center lets
Keynote Perspective customers configure and receive automatic notice via e-
mail or pager when their Web site performance degrades below a predetermined

The new service structure and subscription fees are: “USA 10” at $295 per
month per URL for measurements from the top 10 metropolitan areas in the U.S.;
“USA 25” at $495 per month per URL for the top 25 U.S. cities; and “Global 35”
at $695 per month per URL for the top 25 U.S. cities plus 10 international

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