Keytech Selects Tivoli

British ASP Keytech announced Wednesday (March 28) that it has signed a $1.4 million deal with IBM’s Tivoli Systems Inc. to implement Tivoli software at its managed service center in Manchester, England.

“Tivoli software is ideally suited to the ASP market – the cross-platform flexibility and scalability of our solutions enables service providers to offer tailored, remote services to their customers, with full confidence in the capabilities of their systems to deliver services reliably and profitably,” said Gareth Hansford, director Tivoli Systems, North Region.

Keytech provides remotely hosted managed services for companies who are increasingly dependent on a responsive, reliable service but are unable to justify the substantial cost in time and money of investing in in-house network systems management expertise. Keytech will use Tivoli to deliver tailored service level agreements, guaranteeing quality provision at the most demanding times for individual customers, while maintaining a consistently high level of service at all times.

New and existing Keytech customers will be managed using the Tivoli system. Tivoli will provide software distribution, user administration, distributed monitoring, remote control and inventory services.

“Our customers are demanding a wide range of custom managed services across their entire IT infrastructure including networks, servers, desktops and applications and our business is totally reliant on our delivering consistently high levels of service to them,” said Keytech CEO Jim Fagan.

Tivoli Net Generation solutions include e-business management integrity solutions, which ensure viability and security of e-business infrastructure components; service assurance solutions, which provide service providers and customers with solutions that support quality-of-service (QoS) objectives; and service enablement solutions, which enable service providers to manage the entire life cycle of a service.

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